The Trusted Executive

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Readers will learn a model of leadership trust based on three pillars: ability, integrity and benevolence. This practical model has been built from a combination of rigorous academic research, FTSE100 board-level experience and twelve years coaching CEOs and their teams.

Beneath the three pillars lie the nine habits that inspire trust; habits which will enable the trusted executive to deliver outstanding results, inspiring relationships and a positive contribution to society. If you want to tackle the trust crisis and rebuild trust in leadership then this is a book for you.

Shortlisted for the CMI Book of the Year Award

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"A gold-mine of tips, tools, insightful anecdotes and business best-practice. A resource to keep close by your side." From the foreword to the book by Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Praise for The Trusted Executive

"The Trusted Executive is well researched and organized. It provides a practical roadmap for leaders to make trust an intentional business strategy. I’ve read many books on organizational trust and John’s is one of the best, a welcome addition, and a must read."
Barbara Brooks Kimmel, CEO, Trust Across America

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    Challenging Coaching book

    Challenging Coaching is a real-world, timely, and provocative coaching book which provides a wake-up call to move beyond the limitations of traditional coaching.

    The book challenges coaches and their clients to achieve courageous goals that sustainably transform bottom line performance.

    "Challenging Coaching is an excellent contribution to the advancement of the profession of executive coaching"
    From the foreword to the Book by Sir John Whitmore, author of ‘Coaching for Performance’

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    Challenging Coaching by Ian Day and John Blakey - Cover

    Selected reviews

    Challenging Coaching is published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing and is available in bookstores, on Amazon and as an e-book.

    Book reviews

    Praise for Challenging Coaching

    "This is a terrific book that should provoke and challenge coaches to ‘up their game’ and thus provide more value to individuals and also, vitally, to their organisations ... Read it and I believe you will improve your coaching." Graham Alexander – Founder of The Alexander Corporation, originator of the GROW Model, and author of SuperCoaching and Tales from the Top

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      Coaching Poetry from a Spiritual Path

      Written over a period of many years, these poems will uplift the reader with their honesty, their faith in our collective potential and their celebration of the individual human spirit.

      As an executive coach, Dr John Blakey naturally focuses upon the themes of personal transformation, building high trust relationships and understanding the depths of the human psyche. In particular, this poetry will appeal to those who wish to drive for courageous goals and release themselves from the limitations of past expectations.

      "John's coaching poetry can serve as a facilitator for those on their own journey of change and transformation. It is challenging and still encouraging. It starts from a personal perspective and evolves into collective awareness. It captures the essence of what we are."
      From the review of the book by Carsten Ohrmann, Transformation Advisor, Speaker and Coach

      Praise for Coaching Poetry from a Spiritual Path

      "As I have been carefully going through John's poetry, I have found myself moved and touched numerous times. The deep thoughts, inner struggles, fears, joys, and different developments John describes in his writing speak to me on several levels - as a human being, as a professional and as a spiritual person with a continuous quest for a more conscious life. Dr. Monika B Levinson

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