Uber CEO bravely steps out on the journey of trust

Over the past year, it has proven hard for Uber to stay out of the headlines. The company has found itself at the painful nexus of the old world and the new world of business. If business were still only about the single bottom line of results,

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Donald Trump and The Nine Habits of Trust

‘Whatever you do, don’t mention Donald Trump’. This was the final bit of advice I received from colleagues as I prepared for my trip to the US to speak to Vistage CEO advisory groups in Boston and Chicago on the topic of The Trusted Executive. I don’t know about you,

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Red Flag Day: BBC opens its books to shame us all

I am delighted to feature a guest post from my co-director in The Trusted Executive Foundation, Mac Farquhar. Here is Mac’s valuable insight into the recently published BBC pay report:-

The BBC pay report caused outrage last week after the publication of salaries of on-air talent earning more than £150,000 revealed glaring discrepancies.

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Interview for Director Magazine: ‘Managers Manage, Leaders Anticipate’

John Blakey visited Estonia in April, at the invitation of the Estonian Business School, and spoke at the conference “University of Employers” about the role of trust in today’s business world. He noted that business leaders play the key role in restoring trust in society, since studies indicate that the trust of people towards all institutions is at an all-time low.

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Grenfell Tower: Let the Trust-Builders Come

The charred remains of Grenfell Tower stand over the city of London as an accusing finger.

The anger seething in those Kensington streets boils in its own intensity.

Seeking an outlet.

Seeking someone to blame.

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